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We create cultural awareness, develop cross-cultural skills, and create mindsets and behaviors that leverage difference in practical, creative, and innovative ways. All our programs reflect the individual, organizational and national cultures that organizations work within and across.

Our Mission

We empower organizations and their leaders to adopt practices and mindsets that celebrate cultural diversity and embrace collaboration on a global scale. We are committed to helping create workplaces and environments where cultural awareness and understanding are the foundation of ethical leadership, team harmony, and maximum productivity. 

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About Mona Lou

Loubna "Mona" Cherkaoui, aka Mona Lou, is a true American success story; except she is Moroccan.

She is a consultant, speaker, executive coach, entrepreneur, author—Founder of Mona Lou International. Mona’s expertise is cultural intelligence, inclusive and ethical leadership, international Business, and the promotion of sustained international leadership and high-performing global teams.

While growing up, Mona was enriched and exposed to cultures from all over the world; African, Moorish, Amazigh, Arabic, Jewish, Muslim, & European to name a few. She arrived in Orlando from Morocco at the age of 21 as a cultural exchange student with no contacts, no friends, no family, and with little money.

Mona excelled in cross-cultural sales and communication. She became highly interested in understanding world affairs. She completed a master’s degree in political analysis on international relations hoping to pursue a career in world politics. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in business management in addition to several certifications and awards. During her graduate school, she interned at the World Trade Center and the United Nations; working with domestic and foreign companies to bridge the gap between them. While being an intern at the United Nations, she learned a great deal about global conflict resolution between nations. She also developed hands-on experience in international trade and humanitarian crises. More than anything, her outstanding performance in sales to foreign nationals and customers from various cultures made her realize she had an innate entrepreneurial spirit. After several management positions in sales and marketing with renowned corporate trade names. She felt ready to venture on her own.

In 2003, she launched her first business financing luxury real estate where she led a robust operation with fifteen sales representatives from different backgrounds. In 2008, she transitioned to real estate sales where she became successful at it serving global and corporate clients. Throughout the years, she created other business ventures that she grew and ultimately sold.

As a coach and speaker, she brought her professional experience and academic degree creating premiere training and coaching programs to help organizations and leaders enhance their cultural intelligence to increase productivity, harmony, and team performance. Mona has travelled to several different countries in search of knowledge and wisdom. Mona speaks several languages giving her a unique edge that allows her to communicate with and understand most of the world inhabitants.

Mona has a genuine interest in and a knowledge of diverse world cultures. Mona communicates her experience and expertise through passion, humor, stories, and a level of authenticity that resonates with her clients and brings meaning and significance.

Mona has a proven track record in every avenue she pursued. She founded and led multiple not-for-profit organizations in the greater Orlando area. She also served in various leadership positions at the Toastmasters International where she holds a “Distinguished Toastmaster” Status. In addition, Mona helps women become better speakers, effective listeners, and competent leaders.

Moroccan by birth, American by choice, and a world citizen at heart.

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