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Whether you are looking to convert your expertise into a profitable global consultancy business or seeking to expand internationally, The American Institute of Global Protocol & Culture (AIGPC) can provide you with the tools and strategies to navigate through the process, and help you succeed in the new culturally diverse work environment while showing you the most effective ways to tap into the most affluent 1% of the world.  

Get to Know Your Partners in Success!
Mona Lou Cherkaoui
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Co-founder, Mona Lou Cherkaoui, has spent a lifetime understanding cultures and how they operate at many levels to excel in sales, leadership, and the building and management of diverse multicultural teams. She holds a bachelor's degree in business management and a master's degree in political analysis on international relations in addition to several certifications and awards. Mona also speaks several languages which allow her to easily navigate the global market. 

Mona helps organizations and other professionals looking to enhance their cultural awareness so they can increase profitability, performance, and team harmony. She focuses on sales, communication, ethical leadership, and other aspects of business and confidently speaks, trains, and consults on the subjects. She has led several culturally diverse professionals and their teams to success—her own included. 

Mona has coached minority women on public speaking and ways to own the stage so they could launch their businesses within 90 days. She has managed and led sales teams, won several top producer awards, and ventured, opened, and sold various profitable businesses. Her career has been rich and diverse, exploring different industries such as international trade, hospitality, retail, finance, and real estate, all while managing and leading sales teams that have won her several top producer awards. 

Mona is further following her passion to help create opportunities for others to help them grow, and with AIGPC, their goal is to help 5,000 entrepreneurs launch their businesses!  

Melissa Stires
Melissa Stires_1.jpg

Co-founder, Melissa Stires, is a Certified Advanced International Protocol Officer, Life and Success Coach, and an accomplished event, marketing, and nonprofit executive with experience in the corporate, tech, and government sectors.


Melissa has been privileged to work with, advise, and train members of royal families, politicians, nonprofits, and business influencers from all over the world. From the boardroom to the banquet hall, Melissa knows how to motivate and lead her clients to achieve greatness.  

Since 1999, Melissa has worked with purpose and passion to create connections and build relationships on a global scale. Trained in public relations and international protocol, Melissa has developed unique insights and skills in cross-cultural communication and cultural sensitivity.  

From orchestrating opening day events for The Washington Nationals Ball Park to curating a five-day VIP trip to Art Basel Miami, and leading delegations on more than 60 international goodwill expeditions, Melissa has done it all. These varied experiences allow Melissa to bring expansive knowledge into her consulting business, which focuses on training and equipping individuals, c-suite leaders, and teams in executive coaching, high-impact event management, protocol, and much more. 

Melissa believes in the transformative power of ideas and the potential of business to drive social change for good. From the Queen of Jordan to the titans of Wall Street and K Street, Melissa has a unique ability to connect with individuals from all walks of life. Her distinctive and carefully crafted skill set allows her clients to thrive and move forward in their goals faster than imagined. 

Mona Lou AIGPC
Tamer Flores
Tamer Flores.jpg

Tamer Flores is AIGPC’s Chief Growth Executive/Consultant. Tamer is a C-Level Executive who specializes in international expansion. He not only focuses on Sales and Marketing growth but especially in the FUTURE of a company: new markets to penetrate, new technical developments to take advantage of, new potential partnerships, etc.  

Tamer is a Fractional CGO with great success in international expansion & business development. Over the past 20+ years, he has been a part of major strategic processes in the wellness and medical distribution industries as a Business Development & Strategy Leader. He has led and overseen large teams, taking a strategic approach to promoting successful operations. 

Cheryl Obal

Cheryl Obal is a professional with 25+ years of global work experience. She combines world-renowned training methodologies with real-life personal experience of living and working in Saudi Arabia, Italy, South Korea, India, Pakistan, the UK, the USA, Japan, Thailand, and Qatar. 

Living and working extensively abroad has given Cheryl strategic insight into business and culture in each place. In addition, Cheryl is also certified in The Lewis Model of Culture/Culture Active, Cultural Detective, and GlobeSmart training methodologies. 

Cheryl Obal.jpg
Katarína Kabáth

Katarína Kabáth has 21+ years of experience in business, focusing on supporting, training, and coaching adults as a facilitator, coach, and consultant. Katarína has worked with professionals from various countries, and through AIGPC, offers specialized programs for countries like the Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovenia, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Germany!


For the AIGPC, she offers support in strategic & problem-solving facilitation, team coaching, lecturing, executive & life coaching, HR consultancy, and both self & managerial development. 

Irina Yashkova

Irina Yashkova has 15+ years of experience in intercultural communication, operations, leadership, and business development with federal, regional, and local Russian governments.

She is the former NASA Russian Operations Manager and Head of Representative and Branch Offices.


Irina also has 15+ years of experience in professional simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, and translation.

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Tamer Flores
Cheryl Obal
Katarina Kabath
Irina Yashkova
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