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Check out our events for an in-depth look at how Mona is working with those around her to cultivate experiences that work to expand understanding, foster connections, and excel in business in the new global world.


In addition to our usual engagement, we conduct workshops, certifications, and training throughout the year on various topics relating to culture, business, leadership, & protocol—both virtually and in person.

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According to PEW Research Center, more than 1 million immigrants arrive in the US each year and this number is increasing. According to Business DIT, there are 3.2 million immigrant entrepreneurs accounted for in 2019.


Immigrant business owners account for 21.7% of all business owners. 30% of recent US start-ups are created by immigrants. An estimated 8 million people are employed by Immigrant-owned firms, and an estimated 1.3 Trillion dollars are generated by immigrant business firms.


As the managing broker of a small real estate boutique that focuses on foreign nationals and corporate portfolios, we have helped hundreds of foreigners secure investments and start businesses in the United States of America.

In this webinar, we have expert, Immigration Attorney Yazen Abdin, Esq., in the field to guide you through the process of investing, working, or studying in this great nation of ours—and ultimately achieving permanent residency.

We will discuss our best methods of making your dream of living in the US a reality. 

Bring all of your questions and be ready to explore opportunities. The United States is still the best country in the world to realize your dreams. 

"The American Dream"
Where to Start?

Register today and join us:

Friday, February 10th 
10:30 AM EST

Doing Business with Germany

Register today and join us:

Monday, February 13th 
10 AM EST | 4 PM German Time (GMT +1)

If cultural competence is your only barrier when attempting to do business with German-Speaking Countries, we have the solution!

In 2021, trade between Germany and the US reached over 200 billion dollars. This amount does not include investments or business ventures and showcases the large quantities of opportunities to explore.

In this webinar, we are bringing you an expert on the subject, Dr. Claudia B. She will help you navigate and utilize German cultural values and their implications for business to better your communication and business practices.

Don't miss this opportunity to uncover knowledge and effective methods to leverage a greater understanding of German culture to bring you the most successful results. 

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