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Executive & Team Coaching

No matter how complex your business environment our cultural competence, diversity, and inclusion coaching will help move you forward.

Executive Coaching can have a powerful impact on your organization. Mona's coaching programs, for both teams and individuals, are unique tools for developing high potentials, retaining key talent, preparing executives for new roles, and building a strong leadership pipeline. 

"80% of executives from 68 countries believe cross-cultural management to be their biggest challenge."



  • Reduces stress and anxiety. It can be lonely at the top. A supportive coach asks challenging questions, offers new perspectives, and improves strategic thinking and performance.

  • Improves relationships. Cultural Coaching provides strategies and develops frameworks for building relationships with key stakeholders.

  • Creates awareness. It provides valuable professional and personal insights into behavioral patterns.

  • Develops a greater understanding of what is working well and what is not in real-time and through regular feedback. The promotion of self-reflection improves job performance.

  • Retain and develop the current talent pool and future leaders

  • Improve and develop relational skills that are culturally appropriate for global success.

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