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Expat Training

Our Expat Training program is a highly effective development program that will prepare individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to work effectively across cultures. This program will help with ongoing adaptation issues as well as address everyday challenges one might face living as an ex-pat. 

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Each of our 1-Day training programs is customized for the team or individual by an experienced cross-cultural consultant who offers nothing but the leading industry assessment tools.


Our training offered both in-person and virtually, will guide you on your way to realizing your full potential in a differing and diverse work environment!

In This Program You Will:

  • Develop an understanding of how your own cultural values impact communication, leadership, teamwork, & relationships.

  • Establish strategies for cultural adjustment.

  • Develop awareness of cultural gaps by being provided valuable professional & personal insights into behavioral patterns.

  • Formulate strategies for bridging those gaps.

After Our Coaching You Will Be:

  • Aware of the impact of culture and its effects on the workplace.

  • Equipped to use strategies for handling culture gaps.

  • Self-assured in communicating across cultures.

  • A more confident version of yourself.

  • Filled with a sense of fulfillment.

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