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Keynotes & Presentations

Based In Florida, USA, Mona Lou is regarded by her peers and clients as an authority on cultural competence in the global corporate environment.


Our presentations will teach you, attendees, the importance of developing cultural competence to achieve desired organizational objectives.

“Engaging in an effective Cross-Cultural experience goes beyond going out for Couscous or Burritos.” 


Culture affects the way in which we think and act. For this reason, culture is a decisive factor in determining whether we achieve the results we strive for.

Some people seem to have an innate ability to assimilate and interpret the unfamiliarity rooted in new cultures and integrate it into their daily behavior.

As a cultural competence speaker, Mona will teach your attendees how developing one’s cultural intelligence will ensure that you and your organization are able to successfully navigate across cultures.

Mona is an energetic speaker who engages her audience through real stories and situations relative to their own experiences. She is a mindful leader who is highly skilled at creating inspirational and thought-provoking environments that allows for a true exchange of opinions and ideas.

Work Presentation

Unconscious Bias

The values we learn in childhood through media representation, personal experiences, or other family members, follow us into adulthood. These values instill into us unconscious biases that affect leadership, communication, and other factors of the workplace. 

Through this presentation, learn how being unaware of Unconscious Bias negatively affects profitability, harmony, and team performance and learn how to combat biases to provide a better, and more productive, work environment. 

Why Culture Matters

Our own culture consists of many different aspects. Often, we discuss culture with regard to national culture, and while this can be a useful starting point, it is not the end of the story. 

Through this presentation, learn about Why Culture Matters, how it manifests in both "visible" and "invisible" cultures, and how culture shows its impact through working in teams, obtaining information, problem-solving, and many other working conditions. 

This presentation can teach you to the basics of interpreting others' behavior from their own perspective and understanding to effectively engage in the workplace and across borders.

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