I work with organizations and leaders who want to enhance cultural intelligence so they can increase profitability, harmony, and team performance.

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"70% of international ventures fail due to a lack of cultural competence."

My Vision:

We are committed to helping create workplaces and environments where cultural awareness and understanding are the foundation of empathetic leadership, team harmony, and maximum productivity.

My Mission:

We aim to empower organizations to adapt practices and mindsets that celebrate cultural diversity. These practices and mindsets lead to more effective communication, a harmonious work environment, and increased profits.  

How Culturally Intelligent Are You?

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"I have consulted Mona on various occasions when faced with cultural barriers with international clients. She helped me with communication and their way of doing business. Ever since I began consulting with Mona, I received more business." 

Arlene Cowen

The workplace has changed. Diversity is the new normal. Demographics, migration, and economic changes have altered the social context of work. Leading organizations are intentionally increasing workforce and stakeholder diversity to drive innovation and growth in new markets.
Today’s workers, across a broad range of accountability levels, job roles, organization size, and industry, in-home markets and across borders, interact daily with individuals from backgrounds vastly different than their own. That reality requires a new workplace competency; the ability to manage multiple sources of cultural diversity.
Diversity competence for a globalized workplace.
Cultural Intelligence is the set of knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to recognize, understand, reflect on, and adapt to cultural differences. Individuals with high Cultural Intelligence display four main competencies:

CQ* Drive

CQ Drive is the willingness to work with others from diverse backgrounds. It includes an ability to overcome explicit or unconscious bias and the capacity to persist in challenging intercultural settings—even when the individual feels confused, frustrated, or burnt out.

CQ* Knowledge

CQ Knowledge is the understanding of culture and cultural differences. That involves more than awareness of variations in language, customs, and appearance. Core cultural differences like values, assumptions, and beliefs are often invisible but cause the most problems—and are frequently overlooked.

CQ* Strategy

CQ Strategy is the ability to flex mentally. With a high CQ Strategy, individuals are not confined to a single worldview. They are open to new or integrative ideas.

CQ* Action

CQ Action is the ability to flex verbal and non-verbal behavior. CQ Action decreases the risk of miscommunication and helps an individual respond to diverse others in a manner that conveys respect and builds trust and rapport.

* I give all credit to the Cultural Intelligence Center for the term and definition of CQ.

Why Invest in Cross Cultural Training?

When working with different cultures, despite our best efforts, things can sometimes go wrong. 
Cross cultural training is about raising our awareness so that we can prevent negative outcomes and instead manage positive ones.
Training results in...
  • Better skilled and heightened motivation.
  • Clearer communication & more conscious collaboration
  • Enhanced competitiveness & greater credibility
  • Improved confidence & renewed focus on goals
  • Sharpened process & greater control over outputs
  • Increased financial security & future opportunities

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