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We empower leaders & organizations with cross-cultural strategies & solutions to overcome barriers & complexities, enabling them to thrive in the new dynamic global business arena.

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A Journey Back to Humanity
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This project is a co-authored book by myself and 12 other international authors who share their unique insights on the concept of humanity as it relates to cultural diversity, unconscious bias, and societal pressures.

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Certified Instructor & Trainer on The Lewis Model!

Mona was trained by Dr. Lewis and his team on the model used by instructors in both Oxford and Cambridge!

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"Culture is the invisible water in which we swim. If you’re not aware of its currents, you’ll drown."

~ R. Gonzalez

Why Invest in Cross Cultural Training?

When working with different cultures, despite our best efforts, things can sometimes go wrong. 
Cross-cultural training is about raising our awareness so that we can prevent negative outcomes and instead manage positive ones.
Training results in...
  • Better skilled and heightened motivation.
  • Clearer communication & more conscious collaboration
  • Enhanced competitiveness & greater credibility
  • Improved confidence & renewed focus on goals
  • Sharpened process & greater control over outputs
  • Increased financial security & future opportunities
Why Hire Mona?

Mona is a byproduct of cultural intelligence. Having been born in Morocco, then moving to the United States, Mona experienced what it was to undergo the nuances of cultural differences, culture shock, information transfer, and cross-cultural barriers.

She uses these experiences to create original programs that transfer foundational knowledge and skills to enhance one’s cultural competence and cross-cultural communication.

Mona’s drive to spend a lifetime understanding cultures and how they operate at many levels to excel in sales, leadership, and team performance has brought her to work with clients from over 125 different countries.


"I have consulted Mona on various occasions when faced with cultural barriers with international clients. She helped me with communication and their way of doing business. Ever since I began consulting with Mona, I received more business." 

Arlene Cowen

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