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Expand Your Global Mindset with Mona

Global Culture & Diversity; Learn, Understand, Succeed:

Mona's Culture & Diversity Podcast is available

on YouTube, Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts, and Overcast.

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Whether working remotely across borders or navigating multicultural spaces, Mona equips you with the mindsets and behaviors to thrive. Level up your cultural fluency and unlock a world of opportunities. Follow Mona as she conducts eye-opening interviews, shares practical tips, and offers a new outlook on the rich tapestry of global business and culture.

Explore Curated Playlists!
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Join Mona & Maria as they explore what it means to live and work in diverse and multicultural environments. 

They bring experts in their fields to share their insights on cross-cultural communication, job practices, and more to bring you behind the curtain on how business is conducted across borders.

In these videos, Mona invites experts, specialists, expats, and natives from many countries to discuss various aspects of culture and how it impacts the way business is conducted across boarders!

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Some Of Our Favorite Episodes!
Each episode provides actionable insights to help you:

Cultural Intelligence

  • Gain a deeper understanding of diverse cultures and values

  • Build empathy to connect across backgrounds

  • Avoid misunderstandings through increased awareness

a Global Mindset

  • Broaden your perspectives on the world

  • Challenge assumptions and unconscious biases

  • Adapt communication styles for maximum impact

Leverage Diversity
as a Strategic Advantage

  • Foster inclusive, innovative teams and organizations

  • Negotiate and lead across cultures with confidence

  • Create a competitive edge through cultural dexterity

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