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Cross-Cultural Training Program

As a result of ever-shifting demographics, advances in technology, and policy changes around the world, communicating across cultures is a necessity in today’s global business.

Multicultural teams make up a large portion of the workforce, and communicating with clients and customers from different backgrounds has never been more integral to a business' everyday operation.

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Our Cross-Cultural Training program explores the challenges and benefits of working across cultures and addresses communication issues that arise in diverse groups.

Our program utilizes The Lewis Model to train individuals to understand communication and behavior styles, and along with offering methods, strategies, and tools for negotiating, handling conflict, and communicating across cultures, completing this training will better prepare individuals for more successful relations both in writing and in-person.

Problems our Cross-Cultural Training Program will Address:

  • Challenges of working in Multicultural teams

  • Difficulties in Adapting to Diverse Communication Styles 

  • Misunderstandings in Cross-Cultural Communication

    • Verbal & Nonverbal 

  • Culture's Effect on Time

You will leave our program with: 

  • A better understanding of the benefits of multicultural teams. 

  • Methods to overcome misunderstandings across cultures. 

  • Strategies to encourage dialogue and reflection.

  • An understanding of verbal & nonverbal communication within a cultural frame.

  • An understanding of how different cultures view hierarchy, status, & authority.

  • Greater self-awareness of your role in culture. 

  • Values defined in a more culturally diverse way. 

Negotiation Training

To successfully negotiate across cultures, traveling and crossing borders was once a necessity, but in today's highly globalized world, it can happen right where you are.

Do you have the necessary skills to navigate cross-cultural negotiations effectively?

Negotiation is a skill that can be developed over time and each situation is different. It is important to evaluate your performance after each negotiation to identify areas of improvement and to build on your strength.

By understanding the customs and values of the culture you are negotiating with, you can avoid many of the pitfalls of cross-cultural negotiations. By doing so, you can ensure that your negotiations are successful and that agreements that are fair and beneficial to all parties involved are made.

Our training program unveils unique strategies employed by the most skilled international negotiators, utilizing the Lewis model taught at the Said Business School of Oxford University.

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Problems our Negotiation Training Program will Address:

  • Key Issues in Cross-Cultural Negotiation

  • Difficulties in Adapting to Diverse Communication Styles 

  • Areas of Cultural Misunderstanding

    • Verbal & Nonverbal 

  • Lack of trust in negotiations

You will leave our program with: 

  • An Introduction to the Lewis Model as well as the fundamentals of communication.

  • A better understanding of cultural categories and how that impacts negotiations. 

  • Strategies to better understand negotiation styles and patterns and how to respond to cultural differences in negotiations.

    • Methods to overcome misunderstandings across cultures. 

    • A better understanding of human mental programming.

  • Greater self-awareness of your role in communication and in negotiations. 

  • Examples that offer a closer look into diverse and multicultural negotiations.

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