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Leading across cultures is multidimensional. Our Cross-Cultural Mentoring program offers global leaders the opportunity to share knowledge, reflect on their experiences, and define their personal and organizational values. Mentoring offers clients a flexible and confidential sounding board to consult and strategize.

Cross-cultural mentoring involves an ongoing, intentional, and mutually enriching relationship with someone of a different race, gender, ethnicity, religion, cultural background, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, or nationality. I help guide the intellectual and personal development of my client over time. At its best, this relationship is built on a foundation of what I call "the three Vs": values, virtues, and vision.

The identification of values that are held in common, even across differences, leads to the development of trust and understanding. The cultivation of virtues-the abilities and ways of knowing that enable one to deal with various personalities, cultures and experiences-enables one to maintain individual and institutional boundaries and to overcome barriers between people.

The commitment to a vision of inclusive excellence inspires one to clear educational pathways and help others overcome obstacles and limitations.


  • Demonstrates organizational commitment to the leadership teams and individuals

  • Supports talent retention

  • Fast tracks high potential talent to future positions within the organization.

  • As additional support to the professional growth of leaders, it encourages dialogue and reflection

  • Cross-Cultural Mentoring has proven to be an effective tool in assisting executives to improve self-awareness, awareness of their roles, and the cultural context within which they are leading