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3 Tips to Increase Productivity in a Multicultural Workplace

The world is constantly changing and becoming more diverse with every day that passes by. In today’s world, it is extremely important to understand other’s cultures and ways of life. Throughout our day-to-day activities, we interact with people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, races, and cultures. The workplace is an impeccable example of meeting and working with people from all over the world. It is vitally important to know how to conduct yourself and how to work with others that have different views, cultures, and opinions. In this article, I will share with you three tips that will increase productivity in the workplace. These tips can work in any workplace environment- as a matter of fact, you can use these tips in everyday interactions- it does not have to be in the workplace.

Let us start by breaking down the words multi-cultural and cultural diversity. Cultural diversity refers to the presence of people from different backgrounds of religions, locations, and races within a society. There are a plethora of benefits and opportunities to increase productivity when there are the presence and involvement of people from different cultural backgrounds. A multi-cultural environment is an environment where there are two or more people with different cultural practices. Having a diverse cultural workplace brings a multitude of benefits which include a variety of perspectives, better decision making, increased creativity, better innovative abilities, increase in profits, enhance problem-solving, increased employee engagement, better company reputation, increased market opportunities, and better hiring abilities.

The first tip that will increase productivity in the workplace is to listen with empathy. Good management requires great listening skills and empathy. It is especially important to pay close attention to warning signs and to detect them quickly when an employee is not doing well. A way to do this is to touch base with new employees weekly at first, then once a month. It is essential to not let it drag on or tell yourself that the employee needs some time to adjust because if a real problem is setting in, it is exceedingly difficult to fix later.

Another tool that will increase productivity in the workplace is to be an example. Daily management of a multicultural team is demanding. Managers must serve as an example. Not only should you be the ideal example to your coworkers and employees but when making decisions it will be beneficial to explain your decisions to everyone. This transparency and open communication along with being the ideal example employee will increase productivity.

The last tip that will increase productivity in the workplace is to create a training and development program. At the beginning of the induction process, all new employees should undergo mandatory, cultural intelligence training and development program. This program should be developed with the utmost care and should be in consideration of the diversity of the various employees. This will help in reducing conflicts and getting new employees used to the work culture of the organization. Cultural intelligence training facilitates positive interaction among employees that have different cultural backgrounds.

Implementing these tips will greatly increase overall productivity and employee satisfaction in the workplace. These tips can be used by employees and managers alike. The root of increased productivity and employee satisfaction is communication. As far as results, it will not matter which tips get implemented, if communication is not one of the foundations. Every employee and manager should always feel comfortable with an open line of communication. Open and honest communication is one of the foundations of any healthy relationship, whether it be a working relationship or a personal relationship.

If you implement these tips and have an open line of communication, you will see increases in productivity. This increase will be seen on a personal level with each employee, and on a company level. Overall work satisfaction will increase as well. When people feel understood and listened to, they will prosper and grow.

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