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5 Sales Tips to Boost Your Global Reach

As technology has gotten better, the world has gotten smaller. Much of business conducted today, and especially business in sales and marketing, is cross-cultural. Opportunities that might once have been closed off are now fully available if only we understand how to successfully navigate them and the different cultures around the world. Here are five tips that will help boost your global reach in sales and in business.

1. Understand Your Own Culture

Learning about the culture you surround yourself with can give you a better understanding of how you interact with others. Becoming more mindful of how you function in interpersonal relationships can only help your communication skills and how you adapt to others when doing global business. Relation building is a key part of groundwork that will help you build positive experiences to help you boost your global reach.

2.Never Stop Learning

Having cultural context and an open mind will only help you. Make sure to learn anything you can about those you are conducting business with. It will keep you from misunderstanding and misinterpreting your partners or clients and will better help you understand the relationship you have with them. You can do this by paying attention to body language and other non-verbal cues or by learning about local behaviors and cultural customs. This will show that you are serious about doing business and can be adaptable to many situations. Following the same work formula when working with various cultures will not always work.

3. Establish Your Credentials

You want to make sure others know you are serious about the work you do. If you are establishing a new relationship, make sure to send your credentials ahead of time, or establish contact through a trusted mutual. Just make sure to maintain an air of formality to show respect, this will lend to your credibility.

4. Be Transparent

It is always best to be as open as possible when working with other cultures. This helps prevent misunderstandings and allows you to be prompt and dependable. Some cultures may value time over others and every decision will take differing amounts of time.

5. Be Thorough

Always try to present details in a way your partners or clients can understand. Show data and support your claims. Also offer to leave translated materials for them to have, this will help with any questions they may have and make them feel cared for.

Understanding that culture is how people make sense of the world will help you better adapt to conduct business in today’s global village. If you or your team are in need of cross-cultural training, feel free to contact us to book your training sessions!

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