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Amend These 3 Behaviours to Increase your Cultural Competence

Struggling to maintain relationships across boarders can be difficult and taxing on one’s productivity. I am committed to making people aware that there is more than their singular perspective. There are many strides yet to be made, and when people stand for each other, there is much we can accomplish to make our realities a more positive one. Harmonious relations lead to greater performance and accomplishments, which brings new possibilities and opportunities for everyone.

There are skills and behaviours that can help improve your performance to help you grow on your professional journey. What you need to remember is that not all learned behaviours are accepted across different cultures. Here are some modifications you can make that will help you become more culturally competent.


Turn your indifference into curiosity.

It is important that you are self-aware of who you are and where you come from. Many problems stem from misunderstanding of differences. Interact with diverse groups in order to start to fully understand them. Regard other cultures with a sense of curiosity because without attentiveness to those you are working around, you will struggle to build relationships that will be beneficial to both parties. Self-assessments can cause you to realize the prevalent role culture plays in everyone’s life.


Turn your inflexibility into flexibility.

It is important that you become aware of your own biases and become more flexible. Learn how you might be perceived to others. Different cultures have different styles of communication which is important to remember when dealing with constructive criticism or feedback. Being open minded will help you from finding fault in a culture that is unfamiliar to you. Remember that there is always discomfort when diving into something new and being more flexible will also ensure a more positive outlook in the workplace.


Turn your arrogance into humility.

Make sure you are aware of your own strengths and limitations. No matter who you deal with, you must remember that no one culture is better than another. You must toe the line of confidence carefully and remind yourself that you are accomplished because of your experiences and qualifications, but that does not mean other workers aren’t just as essential to the business. With humility comes appreciation for a job well done.

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